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"What do I have to say?"

If you’ve ever thought about speaking professionally–at a conference, at work, or in any other space–but weren’t sure what you should talk about, we made this guide for you.

The best speakers know how to generate ideas over and over again. With guidance (and a little practice), you will too!

Connect with your WHY and turn that WHY into a potential topic to speak about with confidence. Then, find your audience, bring other people into your process, and share your voice widely!


"I can’t emphasize enough how helpful [Women Talk Design] was in formulating a talk. I’m looking forward to strengthening my public speaking skills this year & applying to speak at more events!"

The Find Your Talk Topic guide was first released as part of our Kickstarter campaign and over 130 speakers have already downloaded it.



Find Your Talk Topic

Use this process to reflect on your passions, curiosities, and expertise and discover what you want to share with the world.

Through clear, easy to follow activities, get clear on your WHY, WHO, and WHAT.

  • Identify your personal ‘why’
  • Hone in on your ideal audience
  • Brainstorm the topics you could speak about
  • Bring others into your process
  • Explore opportunities to speak

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There are many different ways to speak 

You can speak on stage.

You can speak in work meetings.

You can lead panel discussions.

You can speak on a podcast.

You can present research findings.

Whether you’ve been asked to speak at a conference, you plan to give a presentation at work, or you’re just beginning to think about how you could share your voice, this process can help.


Built with Experience

We built the Find Your Talk Topic guide using the same principles taught in our popular Design Your Talk Topic workshop. We’re excited to make this valuable process available to more people with this new guide.

If you want to learn through live instruction and get accountability and feedback as you work through your ideas, we recommend signing up for the workshop, which we typically run 2-3 times a year.

Design Your Talk Topic was the first short workshop we taught at Women Talk Design and over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of speakers. Everything we’ve learned about honing in on topics that matter has gone into this guide.

Cover of Find Your Talk Topic guide