Paola Mariselli

Paola is a Product Designer at Facebook, where her work centers around Sharing. Previously, she worked on Instant Articles, Facebook Live, and Videos.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Marketing from New York University. She also earned a master’s degree in Computer Science from Harvard University while studying design at MIT.

She has been in technology since age 12, when she began taking hardware classes. Since then, she’s explored many roles in the technology industry, including marketing, finance, and project management. She’s worked at a variety of companies, including Credit Suisse, Groupon, and Atidan.

She was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and moved to Florida when she was 15. Paola worked hard every step of the way, and she has a lot to thank her family and mentors for. She enjoys giving back by mentoring, and sharing her experience at speaking engagements.


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