Tanya Snook

Tanya Snook

Tanya Snook is Senior Project Officer, Information Management Division, of Canada’s Treasury Board Secretariat. She is co-chair of UXCamp Ottawa and blogs at Spydergrrl.com, an award-winning geek culture blog covering technology, gadgets, social media, green tech, unique ideas, lots of rants, and Lego geekabilia.

Tanya has experience in web communications, information architecture, web project management, interface design, web usability, web site analysis, marketing communications, writing, and streaming media development. She is a volunteer member of the Government of Canada Emerging Technology Working Group. Tanya has strong communication and presentation skills in both French and English.

Her blog includes an excellent five-part series on How to Live Tweet an Event, starting with Part I: Defining Success.

Tanya graduated from the University of Ottawa. Find her on Twitter @spydergrrl.

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