Make Your Ideas More Effective Through Compassion

Published on 2017-08-21 by

We have great ideas, and yet we find it hard to implement them and achieve outcomes because other people seem to block us. We want “impact” but we often feel stuck.

There’s another way. We can flip the situation, so that instead of seeing “blockers” as out of our control, we think of them as _people_ and treat them with compassion instead. This simple switch can help us get us the outcomes we want—or the “impact” we’re looking for—by working together to find shared goals.

At the age of 29 Ummul Choudhury gave up a successful job at The Economist to set up a charity, Bidna Capoeira, that uses the Brazilian art-form of capoeira to provide psychosocial rehabilitation to traumatised children in refugee camps. She talks about her experiences overcoming blockages through compassion.

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