Present Yourself: A Public Speaking Book

At Women Talk Design, we believe everyone’s voice needs to be heard—especially those we don’t hear from enough.

That's why we created the
Present Yourself book. Based on our successful 8-week public speaking course, Present Yourself will guide help you becoming a more confident and effective public speaker, step by step.

With actionable lessons supported by stories and advice from over a dozen brilliant women and nonbinary speakers, this book focuses on how you can carve your own path to speaking–whether in conference stages or in meetings with colleagues.

Someone needs to hear what you have to say.

Coming in early 2024

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Rendering of a book with a teal cover that says Present Yourself: Practical tools, advice, and stories to help you get your ideas out into the world.

The above image is not the actual cover of Present Yourself. We are in the process of finalizing the book design.

"Present Yourself helped me find specific actions I can take to build engaging stories to share. I didn't feel pressured to create in a specific way. Now, I feel empowered and look forward to (rather than dread) speaking soon!"

— Allison H.

"The tools I got from Present Yourself were absolutely incredible. They’re so evergreen – I can see myself using them over and over again. My biggest takeaway [was] having ways to put a presentation together and make it really compelling. That’s priceless for me."

— Natalie R.

“...what Women Talk Design has created is solid, filler-free guidance. The advice that’s shared gets straight to the point and is practical, actionable and reassuring. And all the contributors are knowledgeable and relatable people."

— Dawn K.

Present Yourself program taught at...

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a Preview of Present Yourself...


Why should you speak and share your ideas? Learn how to identify your own personal why, what to do with it, and why it matters.


What can you specifically share at work or with the world? Learn how to hone in on a topic and quiet that voice in your head that may be working against you.


How can you tell a story in a professional setting? Explore why storytelling matters, how to tell a compelling story, and how to incorporate story into any presentation.


What are the ways you can develop effective presentations? Learn what to consider when putting your ideas to words and how to use story to make an impact.


How can you engage your audience? Learn how to capture their attention, carry them through your presentation, and achieve your presentation goals.


How should you prepare, calm your nerves, and show up confidently? There's no one right way. Learn techniques for being present and how to tap into your own voice.


How do you get your ideas out into the world? Dive into what mediums you can use to share your ideas and how to find opportunities to make yourself seen and heard.

Build your community of support

How and when should you invite others into your process? We’ll show you why it's important to build your network, the types of support your need, and how to ask for that support.

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It made me a bit more bold. It made me more courageous. I have a speaking event and I’m really excited about it....Women Talk Design’s Present Yourself prepared me on how to go from start to finish in creating presentations – knowing your audience, knowing how to form your slides and just every basic thing you need to know and more about speaking.

— Rachael A.

successfully funded on kickstarter

Present Yourself came to life thanks to the over 420 Kickstarter backers who pledged their support.

About the Authors

Danielle Barnes

CEO, Women Talk Design

Danielle is passionate about empowering designers and technologists at all stages in their career. She co-founded and organizes Austin Design Week, and prior to Women Talk Design was an early employee of tech education company, General Assembly.

Christina Wodtke

Founder, Women Talk Design

Christina is an author, lecturer, and established thought leader in Silicon Valley. She has helped grow companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Zynga, as well as numerous startups. Christina is the author of three books. She teaches at Stanford in the HCI program.

Meet the contributors

Alexis Wong

Public Speaking Coach, Voice Production Instructor

Paola Mariselli

Product Designer, Leadership Coach, Advisor, Public Speaker

Kat Vellos

Speaker, Facilitator, Author

Alla Weinberg

Leadership Coach, Culture Designer, Facilitator

Margot Bloomsteim

Author, Speaker, Content Strategist, Lecturer

Meena Kothandaraman

Co-founder of Twig & Fish, Researcher, Lecturer

B. Pagels-Minor

Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Product Professional, Activist

Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Founder of Active Voice, Author, Speaker

Tomomi Sasaki

Designer, Product Strategist, Researcher, Facilitator

Eleanor Mason Reinholdt

Design Leader, Speaking Coach, Actor

Ariba Jahan

Product & Innovation Leader, Keynote Speaker, Educator

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Present Yourself guides you through finding your voice, process, and confidence as a speaker.

Present Yourself doesn't just cover how to create a presentation–that’s only one piece. This book shows you how to tap into your own voice, be present, and feel confident. Present Yourself acknowledges that public speaking isn't a level playing field and emphasizes that there is no one right way to speak. You'll learn a framework that you can use over and over again to create more compelling, effective presentations.

In addition to practical tools and advice, Present Yourself features the stories of over a dozen brilliant women and non-binary public speakers and their approach to getting ideas out in the world.

There are a lot of public speaking books out there. This book focuses on you–your voice, your unique needs, and your path as a speaker.