Aadhya Krishna

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Aadhya is an award winning product/experience designer and innovation evangelist from San Francisco, USA. Her work impacts lives positively. She is a regular co-speaker, mentor, and workshop facilitator at events around the world that helps create “customer-centricity” a high priority, increase the importance of human intervention and it’s awareness, implementation of visionary strategies and help organizations build delightful experiences.

Aadhya helps create highly effective and innovative products and solutions on the foundation of Design. As a design professional she enjoys crafting compelling stories and developing a solution’s design environment across multiple systems and devices for a connected, seamless end-user experience.

Aadhya has assisted leading Design Thinking practitioners including New York times bestselling authors at workshops and master classes globally. She is a problem solver and loves to research and go deeper into the roots of finding and providing practical, tangible solutions to answer. She is a high energy, proactive young leader who stays motivated and motivates others to bring together talented people and build on the grounds of social and sustainable good for all with no bias towards anyone. She envisions being at the practical side of tomorrow’s change.

She drives creation of human centered products and solutions portfolios for customers. She’s a certified IBM Design Thinking practitioner, Design Sprint facilitator, initiating innovation and implementing design within organizations. She is a social change evangelist and helps design for inclusivity, accessibility and equality without bias towards anyone.  Evangelizing culture change transformation through Design across the world and fairness in all solutions.

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