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Lara Hanlon

DisciplinesDesign Operations, Graphic Design, Product Design, User Experience, User Interface, User Research

TopicsCreativity, Culture, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Storytelling

Designing Design Systems at IBM....

Liz Jackson headshot

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Liz Jackson

DisciplinesBrand, Business, Fashion

TopicsAccessibility, Design Strategy, Disability

IndustryArts & Entertainment

Liz Jackson is a diability advocate turned designer....

Elaine Montilla headshot

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Elaine Montilla

DisciplineUser Experience

TopicsCareer, Communication, Community, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Management & Strategy

IndustriesEducation, Technology

Elaine Montilla is the founder of 5xminority, a TEDx Speaker, and a CIO at CUNY....

Christina  Koehn headshot

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Christina Koehn

DisciplinesBrand, Graphic Design, Product Design, User Experience

TopicsCreativity, Design Strategy, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership


Principal Design Manager/Creative Director at Microsoft ...

Elisa Sunga headshot

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Elisa Sunga

DisciplinesDesign Operations, Product Management, User Experience

TopicsBusiness Design, Creativity, Design Thinking, Diversity & Inclusion, Storytelling


Elisa Sunga is a UX Program Manager at Google where she has been growing and learning...

Louisa Heinrich headshot

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Louisa Heinrich

DisciplinesBrand, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Experience, User Research

TopicsBusiness Design, Culture, Design Strategy, IoT, Leadership, Service Design


Louisa is a design, strategy and innovation leader. Over the past 20 years, she has...

Rachel Mechanik headshot

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Rachel Mechanik


TopicsBusiness Strategy, Career, Community, Creativity, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation, Leadership, Teamwork


Rachel is an experienced learning and development professional. Working in the...

Cassandra Hill headshot

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Cassandra Hill




Speaking Topics: Inspiration, Women Empowerment, Wellness...

Wenqian Guo headshot

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Wenqian Guo

DisciplineProduct Design

TopicsCommunity, Creativity, Culture, Design Strategy, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Illustration, Methodology


Software Engineer located in SF Bay...

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Jess Huang, Headshot

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Jess Huang

DisciplinesProduct Design, User Experience, User Research

TopicsAccessibility, Career, Culture, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Disability, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Management & Strategy, Service Design, Storytelling, Teamwork


Jess Huang is a Senior Manager, Strategic Design, at Bain & Company's Innovation & Design....

Briana Gardener headshot

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Briana Gardener

DisciplinesArt, Brand, Graphic Design

TopicsCommunication, Community, Creativity, Culture, Design Thinking, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Privilege, Storytelling

IndustryArts & Entertainment

Briana is a photographer and graphic artist based in the Bay Area. Her...

Breanna DiBella headshot

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Breanna DiBella

DisciplinesBrand, Graphic Design

TopicsCommunication, Creativity, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Visual Thinking

IndustriesAdvertising, Marketing

Breanna DiBella is a strategic thinker, designer, creative director & business owner....