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Rayana Verissimo headshot

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Rayana Verissimo

DisciplineProduct Design

TopicsCommunity, CSS, Culture, Design Strategy, Design Systems, HTML, Methodology, Product Development


Design Leadership at GitLab, internet lover, human....

Yaprak Gultay headshot

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Yaprak Gultay

DisciplineProduct Design



Yaprak Gültay is a recognized visual communications designer, currently working as a...

Peck Ying Tan headshot

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Peck Ying Tan

DisciplinesBrand, Business, Content Strategy, Industrial Design, Product Design

TopicsBusiness Design, Business Strategy, Community, Design Systems, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork

IndustriesHealthcare, Retail

A passionate problem solver - PSLove is her way of powering and supporting women globally....

Pepper Brooks headshot

Speaker Profile

Pepper Brooks

DisciplinesBusiness, Content Strategy, User Experience, User Research

TopicsAccessibility, Business Strategy, Creativity


PepperBrooks is a college educator, award-winning blogger, creative marketing...

Nakita M. Pope headshot

Speaker Profile

Nakita M. Pope

DisciplinesBrand, Graphic Design

TopicsBusiness Design, Design Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Leadership, Storytelling

Nakita M. Pope is the Chief Chick and Primary Brand Strategist of Branding Chicks....

Katarina Ivarsson headshot

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Katarina Ivarsson

DisciplinesDesign Operations, Immersive Experience Design, Industrial Design

TopicsBusiness Design, Business Strategy, Creativity


Shaping everything that is next...

Lynne Dupuis headshot

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Lynne Dupuis

DisciplineContent Strategy

TopicsBusiness Design, Career, Communication, Community, Creativity, Culture, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Leadership, Management & Strategy, Service Design, Social Networks, Storytelling, Teamwork

IndustriesGovernment, Healthcare, Nonprofit

Lynne Dupuis wants to see you shine!...

J.J. Kercher headshot

Speaker Profile

J.J. Kercher

DisciplineUser Experience

TopicsBusiness Design, Design Strategy, Management & Strategy, Product Development, Service Design

Formally educated in commercial photography, J.J.’s passion for experience followed...

Rochelle  King headshot

Speaker Profile

Rochelle King

DisciplinesProduct Design, User Experience, User Research

TopicsData, Design Strategy, Leadership, Teamwork

IndustriesArts & Entertainment, Technology

Rochelle King is VP of Global Product Creative at Netflix. Her teams ensure the...

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Sharlene King headshot

Speaker Profile

Sharlene King

DisciplinesBrand, Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Product Design, User Experience, User Research

TopicsAccessibility, Business Design, Business Strategy, Design Strategy, Disability, Service Design

IndustriesFinance, Healthcare

Sharlene is a designer who specializes in accessibility and behavior....

Libby Jacobson headshot

Speaker Profile

Libby Jacobson

DisciplinesInformation Architecture, Interaction Design, User Experience

TopicsDesign Strategy, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Web & Mobile


A librarian by training, Libby's passions are information architecture and design systems....

Sara  Thacher  headshot

Speaker Profile

Sara Thacher

DisciplinesInteraction Design, Product Design


IndustryArts & Entertainment

Sara Thacher is a Creative Lead at Walt Disney Imagineering Research &...

Karen  Cham headshot

Speaker Profile

Karen Cham

DisciplinesGame Design, User Experience, User Research

TopicsAR/VR, Data, Robotics & AI, Web & Mobile

IndustriesEducation, Technology

Karen Cham is currently a Professor of Digital Transformation Design at the...

Preethi Raju headshot

Speaker Profile

Preethi Raju

DisciplineProduct Design

TopicsAccessibility, Creativity, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Diversity & Inclusion, Methodology, Service Design


Preethi Raju is a Product Designer leading the effort to create a world class member...

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Jahnavi Kurapati headshot

Speaker Profile

Jahnavi Kurapati

DisciplinesBusiness, Product Management

TopicsBusiness Design, Business Strategy, Culture, Lean, Methodology, Product Development

IndustriesTechnology, Telecommunications

Jahnavi Kurapati is a Product Manager at Motorola Solutions in Chicagoland, where she...

Whitney Hess headshot

Speaker Profile

Whitney Hess

DisciplinesBusiness, Product Design, Sales, User Experience, User Research

TopicsBusiness Design, Career, Communication, Culture, Ethics, Management & Strategy

IndustriesEducation, Nonprofit, Technology

Whitney Hess is a coach, writer, and designer putting humanity back into business....

Lynsey  Thornton headshot

Speaker Profile

Lynsey Thornton

DisciplinesContent Strategy, Interaction Design, User Experience, User Research

TopicsCulture, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Leadership


Lynsey leads user experience and core product development at Shopify. ...

Mallory Roth headshot

Speaker Profile

Mallory Roth

DisciplineContent Strategy

TopicsCareer, Communication, Community, Creativity, Design Strategy, Design Systems, Taxonomy


Mallory is a librarian and content designer in the tech industry, based in Oakland....