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Vanessa Mason

DisciplinesUser Experience, User Research

TopicsBusiness Strategy, Community, Creativity, Culture, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management & Strategy

Well-being design futurist...

Sonya Highfield headshot

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Sonya Highfield


TopicsCommunication, Entrepreneurship

IndustriesArts & Entertainment, Finance

Sonya Highfield is a Boston born and bred entrepreneur dedicated to helping creative...

Lennis Perez headshot

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Lennis Perez


TopicsCareer, Communication, Community, Creativity, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship


Lennis is a wellness consultant, public speaker, certified in plant-based nutrition and ha...

Emma Tzeng headshot

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Emma Tzeng

DisciplineUser Experience

TopicsCulture, Leadership, Teamwork


Emma writes the user interface for Project Fi, Google’s mobile phone service. She...

Muriel ALAPINI headshot

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Muriel Alapini

DisciplineUser Research

TopicsCommunication, Community, Ethics, Policy

Communication specialist since 8 years in Benin, Muriel ALAPINI has been involved in...

Pepper Brooks headshot

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Pepper Brooks

DisciplinesBusiness, Content Strategy, User Experience, User Research

TopicsAccessibility, Business Strategy, Creativity


PepperBrooks is a college educator, award-winning blogger, creative marketing...

Sandra Meek headshot

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Sandra Meek

DisciplinesBrand, Interaction Design, Product Design, User Experience, User Interface

TopicsCareer, Creativity, Design Strategy, Design Systems, Design Thinking


Product designer at FutureLearn....

Jahnavi Kurapati headshot

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Jahnavi Kurapati

DisciplinesBusiness, Product Management

TopicsBusiness Design, Business Strategy, Culture, Lean, Methodology, Product Development

IndustriesTechnology, Telecommunications

Jahnavi Kurapati is a Product Manager at Motorola Solutions in Chicagoland, where she...

Samihah  Azim headshot

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Samihah Azim

DisciplinesProduct Design, User Experience, User Interface

TopicsBusiness Design, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Storytelling, Web & Mobile


Samihah is a Product Designer at Lyft where she sits at the intersection of business...

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Ali Place headshot

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Ali Place

DisciplineGraphic Design

TopicsAccessibility, AR/VR, Community, Culture, Design Strategy, Design Systems, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics, Methodology, Service Design, Social Innovation, Web & Mobile


Ali Place is a design educator and social activist. Her research examines systems of...

Lea Suela Schwegler headshot

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Lea Suela Schwegler

DisciplineGraphic Design

TopicsCommunication, Creativity, Culture, Data, Design Strategy, Environment, Ethics

Lea Suela Schwegler is a Communication Designer and Design Strategist. Her work...

Nadia Udalova

Speaker Profile

Nadia Udalova

DisciplinesProduct Design, User Experience

TopicsAgile, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership


Nadia is User eXperience Strategist, helping companies build & optimise design teams....

Katerina  Skroumpelou headshot

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Katerina Skroumpelou

DisciplineFront-end Engineering

TopicsCSS, JavaScript, Web & Mobile


Katerina is a front-end developer at Upstream. In the past she worked with web maps...

Natalie Hanson headshot

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Natalie Hanson

DisciplinesUser Experience, User Research

TopicsAgile, Business Strategy, Career, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Lean, Product Development


Natalie Hanson is a Principal and partner at ZS, where she built and now leads the...

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Amanda Stockwell headshot

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Amanda Stockwell

DisciplinesBusiness, User Experience, User Research

TopicsAgile, Career, Design Thinking, Lean, Management & Strategy, Methodology


Amanda Stockwell is runs UX research practice focused on lean research methods...

Cathy Wang headshot

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Cathy Wang

DisciplinesEngineering, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Product Design, User Experience

TopicsAgile, Business Design, Culture, Design Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Service Design


Dreamer of the future. Cathy is always looking for ways to apply design thinking to...

Molly  Wright Steenson headshot

Speaker Profile

Molly Wright Steenson

DisciplinesArchitecture, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Experience, User Research

TopicsCommunication, Robotics & AI

IndustriesEducation, Technology

Molly Wright Steenson is a designer, author, professor, and international speaker...

Charu Sharma headshot

Speaker Profile

Charu Sharma


TopicsCareer, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Robotics & AI


Charu Sharma is the Founder & CEO of Companies like Square, Lyft,...