Kristin Lueke

Kristin Lueke headshot

Kristin is a Virgo, published poet, proud Chicanx and Strategic Director at Firebelly, a full-service studio focused on Good Design for Good Reason. She leads brand, campaign and communication strategy for mission-driven organizations, including Planned Parenthood, Chicago Freedom School, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, FLOR and Type Directors Club. A fierce advocate for equity and collectivism, Kristin imbues her work with a joyful sense of precision and passion, aiming always to inspire conscious thought, collaboration and positive action. 

She loves spreading the gospel of Good Design, while calling out the need for greater diversity, fearless conversation and care for ourselves and others as prerequisite to progress.

Kristin holds an AB in English from Princeton and an MA in Humanities and Creative Writing from the University of Chicago. 


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