Amanda Wybolt

Amanda  Wybolt headshot

With 9 years of strategy and human-centered design experience, Amanda is an entrepreneur with a knack for helping brands and companies solve problems across sectors and global markets. She is fascinated by the “messy middle” – the part of a problem with so many conflicting variables and diverse needs that it feels impossible – yet Amanda excels at unearthing innovations where others see dead-ends.

Working directly with organizational leadership and across diverse teams, Amanda has enjoyed projects with B2B, B2C, and social enterprise clients such as Intel, Gorilla Glass, UNICEF, Plantronics, PPG, LEGO Education, OXFAM, as well as local Bay Area startups and nonprofits.

Amanda received her BA in Public Relations from Boston University. With a global foundation in the Peace Corps managing a 17-country initiative, bold goals and rapid innovation cycles are her bread and butter. As a strategist, Amanda lives in intersections of data intelligence and human nature, diving into digital worlds and personal experience to help brands stay memorable, companies ahead, and designs seamlessly a part of our lives.

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