Amber Bonney

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Amber is the Founder and Managing Director of two award-winning agencies and a branding and identity strategist, guest lecturer, speaker, and AGDA Victoria Councillor.

With over 20 years of experience across diverse industry sectors, Amber has a vested interest in both traditional and disruptive design methods that activate, provoke and inspire. She offers organisations, businesses and brand owners intelligent and creative solutions to real commercial problems and deliver a relevant and differentiated experience for the end user.

Amber is an active member of the design and marketing industry with over 10 years of public speaking experience in B2B conferences, workshops, lectures and talks.  Amber believes the principles of human-centred design help shape ideas and behaviours and drive value for brand owners and creatives by connecting with their audiences more effectively. She is passionate about helping organisations and brands connect, transform, excite, gain trust, disrupt, transform and be seen.

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