Anna De Stefano

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Passionate about execution and building the growth of companies. Entrepreneurial approach, innovation through technology and people, building bridges among cultures, technology, generations and experiences, always learner, enthusiast team coach.

Anna is a proven executive, with a significant experience in managing the growth of companies and their teams from the early stage phase to industry leadership, primarily in the legal services industry.

Experienced in motivating teams, revision of processes, and consensus-building for successful cultural change. Involved in the digital transformation operations, combining the complexity of multinational companies with the agility of a smaller one, fast-paced, innovative to be build from scratch. Results-oriented though creative. Excelling in analyzing and structuring legal and fiscal information, to make law easily applicable, Anna believes in the possibilities of creating legal services which are customer centric, technology advanced, interesting to read and price effective.

She is a Member of SheTech and in general involved in the development of women presence in the business community. She is an active business angel and startup mentor and advisor to build the growth of future company that can impreve the world.

She also serves as secretary of a small association aimed to help children and people in difficult situations, actively supervising its operations.

She is an eager traveller, art enthusiast, music lover, curious learner, beauty searcher

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