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Cassandra Hill is a Certified Wellness Coach and Aging Expert. Her career experience is varied working with the older adult population across various settings such as skilled nursing facilities, hospice, and long term acute care hospital. She is passionate about advocating for older Americans and devotes her volunteer efforts to causes affecting seniors. Currently she is on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging for the state of Arkansas and the Advisory Committee for the Alzheimer’s Cure Foundation.

In 2014, Cassandra was diagnosed with systemic lupus. After living in pain for approximately a year Cassandra decided to take control of her health. She took courses in health & wellness and started her path to healing. Starting in 2016 Cassandra entered remission with her condition and is thriving instead of surviving. While on her wellness journey Cassandra crossed paths with several people who planted the seed to empower women with autoimmunity issues to start their life after chapter. Her business, Holistic Living Consulting LLC, was birthed out of love for wanting to guide people to healthy living. Holistic Living Consulting is tailored for:

  • People with chronic/autoimmune condition
  • Women desiring to reach a healthy weight
  • Women seeking a physical and emotional lifestyle change

Additionally, Cassandra is an author. She wrote the devotional He Restoreth My Soul Triumph through Adversity.

Holistic Living Consulting # 877-365-8648

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