Deb Rodgers

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Debbie Rodgers has 20 years experience in training and development, coaching executives and leaders, assisting with branding and identity initiatives, collecting employee & client intelligence in order to discover touch points and pain points and in upgrading overall relational skills in the workplace. She has a proven track record in introducing culture, sales, and client initiatives believing that today’s businesses desperately need leaders who can adapt quickly, coach effectively, create inspired communities and provide purposeful work to top talent translating to sustainablity and growth.

Debbie helps leaders as an objective sounding board and guide when making decisions, dealing with conflict, and when integrating new ideas. Her years of consulting in a variety of industries gives her the capacity to support businesses from various points of perspective while also helping leaders develop high impact workplace connection skills that create a competitive advantage. We champion the culture and the leaders who create them!

Debbie is a regular panelist and speaker who is certified in DISC, as a Behavioral Coach and as a Net Promoter facilitator.

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