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Elizabeth is a Director Emeritus of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), and as Vice President she led the worldwide team effort to design and launch a redesigned IxDA.org in 2010. An innovative problem-solver, she has been granted multiple patents throughout her career. She received her B.A. at Stanford University and then a Master’s degree in design at San Francisco State University, followed by a deep “post-grad” education in Interaction Design as the seminal consulting firm of Cooper. At Cooper, she led interaction design consulting engagements in domains including medical devices, enterprise software, online shopping and product concepts like the Cooper Phone. She also supervised consulting teams and helped create the original Cooper U training course.

Following Cooper, Liz spent five years leading the user experience design efforts at St. Jude Medical, the Fortune 100 medical device company (now Abbott). Her efforts helped to transform their product development processes, and helped St. Jude Medical gain significant market share in cardiac rhythm management. In 2007, Liz co-founded Devise Consulting, a boutique UX research, design and software development consultancy. Then in 2012, Liz doubled down on her focus on the digital health and wellness domains and expanding into the discipline of Product Management. In mid-2012, she founded a startup, Find Wellness, with the goal of transforming the American healthcare landscape by shining a light on natural health and wellness practitioners. She built a team, funded the business, designed the product & service and led its implementation, successfully launched to the market and gained happy customers. She ended up selling the business at the end of 2014 to an interested group.

Following these epic entrepreneurial experiences, Liz took on a role as a Director of Product Management at Cigna, helping to deliver solutions to empower customers with clinical knowledge and resources to improve health and wellness. She was head-hunted to a role as Head of Product at Qantas Assure in Sydney, Australia in mid-2016. There, during its first year and a half of operation, she led the UX design and product management team, and created a strategic product management process based on a design thinking model. During her tenure, she helped grow the customer base over twenty-fold while achieving over 200,000 app downloads. In late 2017, she returned to the U.S. for personal reasons, and is now back in business running Devise Consulting.

In the personal realm, Elizabeth loves high-performance driving her Porsche at the track, as well as riding motorcycles, writing poetry, dancing, and spending time with her daughter, puppy, and loved ones.

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