Jenn Downs

Jenn Downs is a UX Designer and Researcher working in civic tech, with a dream to continually improve the quality of design and research on government tech projects. Here in 2021 I’m at A1M Solutions, working as a Design Lead on projects for CMCS (Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services). I got my start in tech with MailChimp as their first support employee and quickly grew with them into UX. Since then I’ve worked as the Director of UX for a nonprofit, I’ve been a mentor for Code for America and invented the awkward, yet helpful, Laptop Hugging Method for remote mobile testing. 

Outside of being a web nerd, I’m an adoptive parent to a teen, I dote on my dogs Dickie and Waylon, and I’m a songwriter and musician. (I play a lot of things, but identify as a singer and drummer.) I also serve on the board of Girls Rock Camp ATL.

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