Lea Alcantara

Lea Alcantara Headshot

Design leader with a solid track record of directing successful outcomes on a broad range of business-driving digital experiences while growing effective, empathetic design teams. By leveraging a creative vision and a strategic, human-centered mission, I believe we can create meaningful digital experiences that have a positive impact. This vision has garnered a few awards, including the Webby’s for the redesign of the California DMV website and the California Grants Portal.

My passion to educate the industry includes writing for Adobe XD and Smashing Mag, outlining in-depth workshops I’ve helped develop, among other design topics and publications. I strive to elevate the design discourse by stepping on conference stages like SXSW, HOW Design Live, and more recently, WP Campus. I welcomed others to share their own professional experiences on the web by co-hosting the acclaimed web show CTRL+CLICK CAST, nominated several years in a row for Podcast of the Year by the .net Awards.

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