Leigh Allen-Arredondo

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Leigh Allen-Arredondo is a seasoned UX strategist and leadership coach who brings her wealth of experience and expertise to her dynamic and engaging talks as well as her popular podcast, UX Cake. With over 20 years of experience leading high-performing teams and driving product design and research at a wide range of companies, from Fortune 5 to startups and agencies, Leigh is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights to help professionals become more effective. 

Leigh is dedicated to helping professionals become more effective in their work and careers. Through her speaking engagements, workshops, and podcast, Leigh amplifies ideas that strengthen the global UX community, leaving audiences with practical strategies for success and a deeper understanding of how to make an impact.

In addition to public speaking engagements, Leigh is available for conducting workshops, facilitating panels and interviews at internal or public events. UX Cake is also available for live podcast interviews and panels, for an engaging presentation at your event. 

Learn more or book an intro call at www.leigharredondo.com

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