Leigh Allen-Arredondo

Leigh Allen-Arredondo headshot
Leigh Allen-Arredondo is a UX leadership coach, teacher, speaker and podcast host. Leigh has spent over 20 years leading high-performing teams and driving product design & research at companies large, medium and small, including Amazon, Getty Images, Brooks Running, start-ups and agencies, and is now devoted to building better ladders for women in tech through coaching and leadership development programs. She is also the founder & host of the UX Cake podcast, amplifying voices and ideas that strengthen the UX community around the globe.
Leigh is highly experienced in conducting workshops, facilitating panels, and recording live podcast interviews with audience Q&A at events (conferences or meetups). The live recordings are always engaging for the audience, and have the added benefit of amplifying the in-person event through the UX Cake podcast.

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