Marivi Carlton

Marivi Carlton headshot

Marivi is a Venezuelan immigrant, who deeply cares about raising awareness about inclusion and diversity in all aspects of her life. As the Product Design team leader at The Zebra, Marivi guides and scales her team while strengthening cross-functional relationships and setting the company’s design standards. She has been a key contributor to the team, starting as a visual designer four years ago and growing her career into product design. During her time at The Zebra, she developed The Zebra’s design system, brand identity and worked to build a culture that is always working toward design excellence. A proud Venezuelan immigrant, she co-founded Affinity, an employee-led and company-funded resource group, to support people of color and immigrants and give others like herself a voice at The Zebra. Marivi is passionate about all forms of design, and in her free time, she handcrafts jewelry for her side business Media Luna Market.

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