May-Li Khoe

may-li speaking at framer loupe 2018

May-Li is an interdisciplinary artist and designer who is passionate about helping people cultivate their own creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. When she’s not busy building and empowering design teams, she’s juggling one of too many side projects, usually involving some strategic combination of cultural practice, bright colors, faces-on-things, and glitter.

In the past, May-Li invented new interactions across Apple’s hardware and software platforms, built educational games at Leapfrog, and researched at the MIT Media Lab. Until recently, May-Li served as VP of Design at Khan Academy, developing a critically conscious practice of inclusiveness. She’s currently taking time to recharge, write, and work on side projects. She also DJs, dances, and daydreams about more joyful ways to subvert the status quo.


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