Natasha McMichael

Natasha McMichael headshot

Natasha McMichael, aka The UX Icon, is an Experience Design leader, coach and host of The Honeycomb Podcast.

She has 20+ years of experience in design, tech, and UX, focusing on innovation and merging fields. Her focus is on improving the work of human-centered designers and making better design-focused leaders.

As a business-minded visionary, she is especially gifted in growing UX professionals in their careers, building new and established teams, expanding business capabilities, and creating UX programs, delivering transformational results.

Her interests expand beyond the field of design to math and science and much more. This unending curiosity about the world instills her with a sense of enthusiasm and passion for finding different ways, creations, and ideas to make things better. This is the drive that Natasha shares with her audiences.

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