Roxanne Mustafa

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Roxanne Mustafa is a Palestinian-American who born and raised in Brooklyn and now lives on Staten Island. She started her career as a recording and mix engineer for hip hop in NYC. When the recording industry went bankrupt from the rise of digital music, she switched careers to UX Design. Since then she has worked as a designer in digital agencies, advertising firms, start ups, as well as in Fintech and Real Estate. Roxanne has taught User Experience and mentored for General Assembly, NYC. She is currently a product design consultant and people manager at Pivotal Labs where she helps enable fortune 500 organizations change the way they build software and think about design.

Roxanne also found a way to lead change in her community on Staten Island. As a User Research, Product Designer and consultant, she leverages her skills in research and facilitation, as well as her work in Diversity and Inclusion in the technology sector, to help build her community and raise the voice of women and other targeted groups Staten Island. She started the facebook group “Staten Island Women who March” after learning about the immense numbers of women from her community traveling to DC to the Women’s March as a way for the women to stay connected during the event. She was quickly propelled into a leadership position in order to help organize and facilitate the needs of the almost 800 member strong group, which has become a platform for under-represented communities on Staten Island. Her goal is to help build a network of strong, smart and capable Staten Island women to improve our borough.

She finds it rewarding to apply design thinking to all parts of her life, from making and recording music, to raising kids, to building community, to helping clients and, of course, to creating meaningful products.  She lives in St George in a 100 year old home with her husband, 2 boys, father-in-law and cat.

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