Sadhvi Sharma

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With almost 7 years of experience, Sadhvi is well-positioned to create strategies of real-world and help businesses achieve their key performance initiatives. She worked at Reliance Infocomm Limited (US$110 billion, a conglomerate industry), the leading company in India where I helped CEO in a stealth project with business ideas and building strategy. She worked on 12 projects as a UX Specialist and visual designer. Prior to that, She was working with a startup Wingify as a UI designer. During her time at Wingify, she significantly contributed to increased user engagement, retention, and growth through features and experiences she crafted in the product. Her programming background helps to bridge the gap between designers, engineers, and product managers. Sadhvi’s knowledge about design and technology makes her a “T Shaped” skilled person.

Additionally, her interest in practicing design as a “design thinker” curved her career path towards pursuing Masters in Strategic Design from Parsons School of Design.

Apart from her interest in talking about design, she also likes to write on Medium in her free time! (

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