Samantha Berg

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Samantha is an award-winning design leader breaking barriers to shape an industry of excellence and equity. She has 15 years of experience building and leading teams with proven success – from larger, publicly-traded tech companies to mid-sized design consulting firms to smaller, venture-backed startups. Her teams envision, create, and ship next-generation consumer products that fundamentally change the industry and empower the underrepresented.

Sam is passionate about proving that teams can (and should be!) both tight-knit and high performing. She creates cultures of equity and inclusion, whether that’s on her design teams or in the women’s groups that she’s formed at lead and multiple organizations. You can catch her guesting on podcasts or speaking at industry events about designing your career, creating amazing teams, and using your power to empower.

Recipient of the 2021 Moxie Award:
Named to the 2021 Anchor List:
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