Sheba Mathew

Sheba Mathew headshot

Sheba is a User Experience Researcher who leverages mixed-methods research to rapidly unearth customer insights and formulate product strategy, with a focus on medtech and digital health. Her work empowers teams with the clarity, focus, alignment, and speed necessary to develop high-quality, human-centered solutions for complex problems.

Sheba has over 10 years of experience in healthcare and life sciences, including work at the National Institutes of Health, Boston Children’s, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, and the Broad Institute, where she guided physicians and researchers in prototyping digital health technologies. She also led user research and product development for Jamii Life, an elder care start-up backed by Harvard, MIT, and Oxford.

Sheba is a graduate of Harvard University, where she studied anthropology and life sciences, and where she was awarded the Hoopes Prize for ethnographic research on community health in South Africa.

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