A self described “Cultural Chameleon”, Shilpa was born and raised in India spent most of her childhood in different cities in the South Of India. Fluent in 6 different dialects she has the ability blend into almost any busy Indian City. She first pursued a career in design because she was drawn to its ability to activate social connections and create unique experiences in the built environment Shilpa draws from her experience with Rockwell Group and has learnt to bring emotion and memorable personal narratives to hospitality design. This creates an honesty and authenticity in design that people can feel even if they can’t articulate it.

Her crafty childhood plays an important role in who she is today. Though trained as an architect and interior designer, she is a multi-disciplinary designer at heart. Shilpa believes that every successful project is based on a strong vision for its story identified by asking the right questions.

She also has a parallel track that focuses on mentorship and sharing the advice and guidance that so many wonderful people have given her that she takes every chance that she can to pay it forward.

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