Silvia Hernández

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Born and raised in a small Spanish island located in the Atlantic Ocean, I have since lived in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin and London; and I currently call Toronto home.

I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s degree in communications and media studies. I have been designing end to end digital services and products for over a decade, starting with the initial research and supporting the final implementation. Working for a wide range of organizations, I’ve moved from small startups or agencies to the design of public and now financial services. I currently lead the design practice for the Discovery team at CIBC, one of the biggest Canadian banks. We explore strategic solutions that shape the bank’s digital roadmap.

On a normal day, you can find me connecting with different lines of business to solve problems that range from customers’ digital authentication to improvements on the employee’s experience. I’m also a part of the bank’s DesignOps Task Force, an internal group created to empower the design practice across the bank.

I pride myself on my ability to adapt to different situations, which I credit to working and living in multiple countries and immersing myself in diverse cultures. This is especially helpful when working with international peers or designing for a diverse audience.

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