Sonya Highfield

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Sonya Highfield is a Boston born and bred entrepreneur dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurial women lead successful lives and run profitable businesses they love. She started her commercial and fine art photography business (Sonya Highfield Photography) in 2012 then founded Real World Creatives in 2015, where she provides intuitive business and mindset coaching to women as well as virtual communities and in-person workshops. As a speaker, Sonya provides inspirational speaking on wealth mindset at conferences, retreats and other empowering events.

Founding Real World Creatives was her solution to giving creative folks the business savvy they need, while supporting them with positive mindset work, and connecting them to others who are on the same journey. Sonya takes a holistic approach to business, and is passionate about creating safe spaces for people to learn and share about all that goes into entrepreneurship. Her courses focus on money & mindset and take the coziest, least intimidating approach to becoming financially educated and empowered, so more women can create the impact they desire in the world through their chosen business paths.

When she’s not working Sonya loves to travel, expand her spiritual practice, watch her husband cook, and search for the perfect margarita.

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