Sophie Freiermuth

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Sophie is a user experience, agile and innovation consultant based in London, UK, and busy worldwide. She shares her extensive designer, trainer and coach experience through targeted, game-changing engagements. Sophie is passionate about people happily contributing their best and working well together, with focus and a clear sense of purpose, on products and services that firmly serve genuine user needs and goals. She helps businesses make sense of design, and design teams perform optimally in the organisation.

With Baguette UX, Sophie has set up a consultancy practice that is grounded in an intimate knowledge of design, digital products and business management, fuelled by her 15+ years work experience, a wide network and extensive current knowledge and latest insights on Customer Development, Lean Startup, Agile and User Centred Design.

As a speaker, she is in demand internationally for public and private talks and workshops, and has spoken all over Europe and the US, as well as in Australia, China and even Tunisia. Always talking about what matters to her, and which she has experienced first-hand, and delivering her insights with humour and a genuine connection with the audience, Sophie imparts to her audiences people-centred thoughts, pragmatic insights and encouragement for their betterment.

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