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As a computer graphics pioneer, Suzan Oslin began her career as a digital effects artist writing particle system animations for visual effects giants such as Metrolight Studios, Warner Brothers, and Disney Feature Animation. She’s had the honor and privilege to work as an animator on the endearing animated feature “Iron Giant”, under the direction of the legendary Brad Bird.

Suzan’s innovative data-driven dashboard design work for Technicolor earned her co-inventor designation on the patent for Fulfillment Tracking In Asset-Driven Workflow Modeling. She brings the same pioneering spirit and enterprise-level expertise to her product strategy and design consulting work for progressive VR and AR companies that understand and appreciate the user experience driven marketplace.

Ms. Oslin has been an active leader in the Los Angeles UX design community since 2008 and co-leads the local chapter of the world’s leading Augmented World Expo, AWE Nite LA. Internationally she’s making an impact as the co-founder of the Independent XR Research Study [IXRRS], a vanguard of 12 international researchers dedicated to promoting user-friendly immersive interface design worldwide; and is working to ensure an equitable future by contributing to the development of spatial computing standards as the UX Working Group Vice-chair for the Open AR Cloud.

She is a creative technologist, futurist, and space enthusiast who believes the evolution of the human race is at the mercy of exponential technologies and posits that all creators and thought leaders must work interdependently and share the responsibility to thoughtfully shepherd society into the mind-bending future that is upon us.  

As creator and director of the VR experience currently in production, ”SEARCHING FOR SISTER GAIA”, Suzan is helping to bridge the gap between humanity’s future and its origins– reminding us of the preciousness of life and the extraordinary forces controlling it– a positive vision that affirms the evolution of life as self-selecting and infinite.

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