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I’m Tina Gada ( She/ Her ) Sr. Ux/Ui Designer from Dallas, passionate to enhance the experience for users in FinTech Industry. I’ve ~5 years of experience in the UX industry with an M.A in Human-Computer Interaction. My research Identify and Remove Digital Friction in the customer journey. I involve developers and business partners throughout the process to understand the scope and limitations of the project without compromising usability & customer pain points. I thrive to provide users the seamless omnichannel experience they demand, hence I create unified views of the desktop, mobile website, and mobile app experiences. I have an excellent understanding of viewport & guideline systems with a great sense of atomic design systems to adapt designing for different viewports.

I build the trust of my customers by creating friction where they need it—and eliminating it where they don’t. I’m a team player with the ability to convert ideas to goals by taking a systemic approach. Coming from a background in both engineering and design, I love connecting the dots between business goals, technical constraints and user satisfaction. Going forward in the pursuit of my ambitions, I seek to continue learning and growing.

Apart from my UX Skills, I highly advocate for inclusivity and accessibility whenever I’m designing or in general. You can connect with me on Linkedin, ADPList, or Dribbble for UX chat.

In my spare time, you can find me listening to music – a big fan of Taylor swift and harry styles. Food is my second love and more than that I enjoy cooking. I am an Immature pianist and learning sign language. I enjoy working out at the gym and playing squash. I love doing solo road trips, hence I decided to drive from NYC to Dallas. In the future, I want to take a 1month break and do travel to all the states in the USA in my Car.

Portfolio: http://tinagada.design

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