Tosca Fasso

Tosca Fasso headshot

Tosca is an energetic speaker and Fortune 500 executive. She transitioned from an admin support role to become an agency copywriter and eventually evolved into executive leadership. Tosca is a respected mentor and coach who teaches her team members to make a memorable impact and become an undeniable force.

Tosca didn’t have any money for college, so she put herself through school by working as an admin assistant at a law firm during the day and as a waitress at a diner at night. She earned her success through hard work, strong connections, and more than a little show(wo)man ship. Tosca has worked at some of the world’s top agencies on some of the biggest brands, as well as inside well-known financial service companies. 

Tosca is positive, but straightforward, and ultimately aims to inspire as well as instruct. Her experience in competitive karaoke league makes her a fearless and engaging speaker, as well as someone you’ll want to invite out with the team later.

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