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Yanira M. Castro (she/her/ella) is a speaker and communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in telling inspiring stories to audiences ranging from national television shows to leading digital channels.


Yanira founded Humanity Communications Collective in 2017 to inspire people with stories of joy and justice. The team, made up of amazingly talented women and people of color, is highly focused on digital engagement and storytelling, by reminding people to embrace technology, business and life in a way that focuses on people’s humanity. A few of Humanity’s clients, past and present, include The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Outdoor Afro, the National Wildlife Federation, The Latinx House, Justice for Migrant Women, The Solutions Project, and Davidson Wine Co.

Yanira has also built Humanity to be an employer of choice by understanding that toxic work culture is at the root of The Great Resignation. She holds and practices core company values of authenticity, respect, and justice.

Through Yanira’s ingenuity and vision, not only has Humanity Communications Collective been able to become a $1 million business, putting Yanira among 4.2% of women business owners who’ve realized this seven-figure mark, but she has also been able to cultivate a workplace culture that empowers employees to show up as their full, authentic selves while successfully amplifying clients’ stories through holistic strategies and tactics, making HCC an invaluable partner to organizations that have a meaningful purpose and impactful messages to share.

Please take the opportunity to visit the company website to learn about the amazing work Humanity does. https://humanitycom.com/

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