Easy Strategies to Get More Visible Online

by Vivian Acquah

With everything moving online, it’s more critical than ever to be visible online as a speaker. I recommend doing the following:

  1. Try using your voice through blogging. You can guest blog on websites in your niche, or blog on your own site!
  2. Reach out to podcasts who could help with amplifying your message. Or, start your own podcast and share your message there.
  3. Start live streaming to share your 2 cents on your social media platform or work together with someone else. Make it a fun event!

What do you talk about? I recommend using your speaking talk topics as jumping off points for additional content. One good idea can lead to content in all three areas, each given from a slightly different perspective.

Idea for Action: Take some time to brainstorm ideas around one of your talk topics that you might be able to write or speak more about. Then, look up websites in your niche with blogs, or relevant podcasts, or decide to publish your content yourself. What is your next step? How can you amplify your voice in a way that helps potential audiences?

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About the Author: Vivian Acquah gives inspirational talks and workshops to organisations who want to support their people to bring their A-game every day to work. She creatively shares practical information in an interactive style that encourages involvement.

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