7 Ways to Uncover More Confidence

What would you do with more confidence?

Even if you’re a generally confident person, you may have areas where you wish you felt more self-assured.

Or maybe your confidence has taken a hit.

If that resonates with you, try these 7 actions below to start building more confidence. πŸ‘‡

1. Build your support system

Invest in those that show up for you, support you, challenge you to be better, energize, and inspire you.

2. Check your language

Pay attention to how you speak to yourself. Give yourself the same kindness and grace you give others.

3. Set realistic goals

Start small and create momentum to go after larger goals by checking those smaller wins off of your list.

4. Start saying β€œNo”

Learn to set boundaries by giving yourself permission to say “no” and to speak up for yourself.

5. Cut out comparisons

Learn to recognize negative social comparisons. Practice reframing thoughts and gratitude.

6. Show up for yourself

Show up for yourself the same way you show up for others, even when that means challenging yourself to do the thing you’ve been putting off.

7. Fight negativity bias

Save your positive feedback and wins somewhere you can access whenever you need to change your perspective on your progress.

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