Danielle Hennis

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Danielle Hennis is a Presentation Consultant and Graphic Designer at Make It Memorable, where she uses her background in psychology and graphic design to create award-winning slides. She has worked with a wide range of clients, including North Carolina State University, RTI International, and WebMD, to take their complex ideas and turn them into visual stories by designing memorable and influential slides that help the audience gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

She has worked with first-time presenters who are giving a TED talk as well as researchers who present repeatedly at conferences. She draws from peer-reviewed research and has created a proven facilitation strategy for group presentations. She combines the power of psychology with the beauty of graphic design to work with individuals and groups to visualize data in a way that connects with your audiences, results in actions, and sticks to your long-term memory.

Ms. Hennis has worked as a print, infographic, and presentation graphic designer for over 10 years. She has worked for governmental organizations, such as CDC, HHS, and the Department of Education; research organizations, such as RTI International, Medtronic, and Merck; and universities, such as NC State, Appalachian State, and UNC.

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