Derby Chukwudi

Derby Chukwudi headshot
Derby Ozioma Chukwudi works as a Wealth Management Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. She graduated with degrees in Business Administration and Economics. In addition to her professional work, Derby is focused on personal development and exploring different creative areas of her life. She is a writer for her blog, World of Ajala. She is also an avid reader and empowers people to become effective readers through her Instagram reading page initiative on @readwithajala.

Derby has been featured on The Obani Show podcast, The Millennial Podcast, and From Hustle in Process Podcast. In 2018, she was mentioned of the 30 Forbes Under 30 Scholars and has received several scholarships and awards throughout her undergraduate experience for community development, leadership, and academic excellence.

Derby is always looking for practical opportunities to prepare for the future and she does this by investing in personal development opportunities, mentoring young individuals, and working on strategic ideas that could help shape the future of the decade.

She is an emerging leader who is passionate and driven to achieve a successful career that will impact her community. It is her goal to brighten the lives of as many people she meets through empowerment and the transfer of knowledge.

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