Iyore Olaye

Iyore Olaye headshot

Iyore N. Olaye is a product leader who creates technology solutions at top consumer technology companies. With an incredible sense for leadership and hard work, she has created products and technologies spanning from personal care and beauty industries to transportation. 

Iyore’s fresh and unique perspectives have led her to address a range of audiences from, companies, universities and educational groups, international tech associations, and beyond.  She speaks on a wide variety of topics including technology, engineering, product development & growth, the future of products, start-up culture, women & leadership, career confidence, IoT, machine learning, and entrepreneurship.

As a thought leader and speaker, Iyore has worked with a number of conferences and companies including the Forbes Global Sales & Marketing Meeting, Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference, Bebold LLC, Cornell Alumni Association Events, Women in Tech Festival, Delta Airlines, and many more…

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