Helena Rodemann

Helena Rodemann headshot

Helena is Head of Product of Moonai, the first app to use sound science, cognitive behavioral therapy and social support to help relieve, manage and prevent menstrual pain. Originally a UX writer, she’s now a product designer & femtech entrepreneur focused on making the world better for women+. Also among her passions: long-distance, competitive swimming.

In a nutshell: she’s spent the past 10 years researching, crafting and launching cross-cultural offline & online product experiences to tackle thorny social problems like gender bias, economic inequality, racial injustice. She conducted the first study ever made on street harassment in Spain, and her ground-breaking findings have shaped public policy in Spain and are cited all over the world.

Persistently focused on what could be, she’s an optimist and unapologetically feminist. She’s also getting better at questioning everything she think she knows, celebrating the small wins, embracing uncertainty, and showing up — passionate, vulnerable and bright-eyed — even when the mountain seems too steep to climb.

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