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A design-thinker, gifted leader, and passionate professional, Janna never stops imagining ways to make clients’ work better. She sees the possibility in everything and excels at taking nuggets of good ideas and nurturing them into great ideas. Janna honed this skill by teaching young artists at the University of Illinois. An extraordinary Vice President who actively listens to clients’ challenges and uses them for inspiration, Janna is Sandstorm’s secret weapon.

Janna elevates the agency’s work with her intuitive leadership skills. She knows how to ask the questions to unearth crucial insights that illuminate creative solutions for our clients. These solutions are always strategic, engaging, and visually delightful.

Janna’s award-winning work has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and showcased in a number of design publications.

If she has any free time after work and family (a hubby, two kids), you can find Janna leading TEDxOakParkWomen, mentoring students and youth professionals or on the stage with castanets in hand performing Flamenco.

Janna speaks in front of clients every day. Leading TEDxOakPark, she works closely with each speaker to prepare their Talks for the TEDx stage. This includes making the content reflect the TEDx model and be relevant for all audiences.

My professional speaking history:

2014: Discover Card “Living in the Gray, Using Creative Problem-Solving in Your Everyday ”

2016: Org Community Webinar “Gamification”

2018: Gigi’s Annual Conference “Branding Basics”

2018: TEDxOakParkWomen, Event opener and closing remarks

2019: TEDxOakParkSalon “Let’s ALL Talk About Sustainability”

2019: Gestalt Alumni Invitational Exhibition Panelist at Ball State University

2019: INCubator Women in Business Event

2019: TEDxOakParkWomen, Event opener and closing remarks

2020: TEDxOakParkSalon “Let’s ALL Talk About Joy”

2022: TEDxOakParkWomen, Event opener and closing remarks

2022: Tech Training for Women “10 Design Principles You Should Know”

2022: INCubator Women in Business Conference

2023: Acting Training Workshop with the Latte Theater

2023: AMA Workshop, “10 Quick Wins to Make Your Website More Accessible”

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