Jennie Moore

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Jennie is an award-winning creative director at WONGDOODY, Seattle – a human experience company. (And not, as many think, a gastrointestinal disorder.) Of her 23 years in advertising, 17 were spent as a Sr. Copywriter before finally becoming a creative director at the tender, young age of 44.  Over half of her career has been at WONGDOODY as both a staffer and freelancer, creating award-winning work for nearly every account in the agency, including Alaska Airlines, Amazon Kindle, Seattle International Film Festival, Museum of Flight, Papa Murphy’s Pizza and #IPumpedHere, a campaign to bring awareness to the lack of clean, comfortable places for moms to pump breastmilk. Jennie is also the creative director for the Motherboard, WONGDOODY’s own agile insights practice focused on properly reflecting the perceptions and feelings of moms in marketing.

As a freelancer, she’s brought her special brand of run-on sentences to both agencies and client-direct projects such as Starbucks, Bartell Drugs, Taco Time Northwest, Staples and Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Jennie has a 10-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter (which is amazing and not an eyeroll-fest, like some people say.) She loves to speak about being a late bloomer, climbing the ranks as a “girly-girl” writer in a male-dominated industry, and how being nice and successful don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

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