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Jess Huang is a self-taught Product/UX Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jess has over eight years of experience in user experience design in industries ranging from consumer electronics to mobile game development to mission-driven philanthropic tech. Jess is also dedicated to teaching and mentoring up-and-coming designers through Andreessen Horowitz’s Gen.D program and part-time teaching at General Assembly.

While she considers herself a ‘key’-shaped UX generalist, Jess finds the most happiness when exercising her deep levels of empathy through determining user needs (i.e. user research) and mapping out solutions to fit those needs (i.e. information architecture, user flow mapping, wireframing). In general, she follows a lean, user-centered design ideology, but also knows that no process fits 100% of situations, and often design requires one to wear many hats — from print design to content strategy to (hopefully light ­čśë ) front-end implementation.

When not elbow-deep in Sketch, Jess can be found trying out new restaurants with her husband, playing with her cat, reading about psychology, or making a mean latte.

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