Jillian Bejtlich

Jillian Bejtlich headshot

Jillian is a quirky, ambitious, and enthusiastic techie who is enamored with online communities and the complex data and psychological puzzles they present. She is currently the Director of Community at Zapier digging deep into curating a customer experience that delivers the right information at the right time and right place.

Jillian has spent her entire career working in and on communities of all sizes, in all industries, and of all types. She has extensive experience with all things community and innovation management including engagement, strategies, metrics, analysis, and interface (UI/UX). She prefers the hardest, ugliest, and most inglorious community challenges.

As Jillian is actually a data nerd at heart happiest swimming around raw data and visualization tools, she is most interested in digging deep into how data can be used to predict future community user behavior and how community design and interface impacts desired and undesired behaviors.

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