Rittika Basu

Based in Bangalore, Rittika is an awarded designer, innovator and imaginer at Merkle, a Dentsu Company.. She believes ‘Good Design’ is a service/product that solves problems, improves lifestyle and enhances user satisfaction through innovative and optimistic intervention. She has worked at Walt Disney, Toshiba, Total S.A., Canadian Heritage, Myant Inc. and OCAD University. Having professional experiences in various sectors like technology, healthcare, entertainment, academia and the culinary arts she believes she can make a meaningful contribution to any organisation that employs her.

She has worked for India, Canada, France and Germany. Additionally, she is the co-author of two research papers that were presented at conferences like HCII 2021 (Washington DC) & Data Echo Culture (Québec) and later published in ResearchGate, Google Books, World Health Organisation, Academia.edu, Semantic Scholar & SpringerLink. Currently, she is working at Merkle – A Dentsu Company on e-retailing platforms, connected commerce, design systems, service designing and advertising technology. She spoke at the Talk UX Conference, Tokyo 2022.

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