Data Echo Culture by Synapse C 2021 | The Canadian Cultural Diversity Dashboard (CCDD): Data Storytelling and Visualisation for Cultural Sector

The Canadian Cultural Diversity Dashboard is an online data visualisation dashboard to elicit insights into the diversity in the consumption and creation of cultural expressions in Canada. The complex, scalable, heterogenous, and multivariate data sets that underlie the CCDD are sourced from demographic data (Statistics Canada, 2019) and include factors such as age, geographic location, education level, literacy levels, immigration status, languages spoken and gender. Previously, the project was presented at HCI International (Washington DC) and Data Echo Culture (Québec) and later published in ResearchGate, SpringerLink, Google Books, and WHO.


  • To promote user engagement in the ever-evolving demography representation of Canada

  • Narrative visualisations are telling stories that will aid users to understand how minorities, special abled and neglected sections of society are represented in the mainstream census. Here, we could connect our project’s agenda with the ‘invisible’ theme of the event.

  • Learning how cosmopolitan demography and the inclusive census are represented in readable colours, forms and visual metaphors.

  • How interactive dashboard elicit insights regarding diversity in the consumption and creative cultural expressions in Canada

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