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I,age of a person looking at the camera on a blue background, Apyramid over an orange backgrounds

VideoGeneral Info

The design of everyday AI things

DisciplineUser Experience

TopicsCreativity, Culture, Data, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Ethics, Robotics & AI

IndustriesArts & Entertainment, Technology

Speaker Ruth Kikin-Gil

A conversation about Diversity, Bias and Ethics in AI Development. ...

Screenshot of the Slack Kit design system


Design Systems at Slack

DisciplineFront-end Engineering

TopicsAccessibility, Culture, Design Systems, Teamwork


Speaker Trish Ang

A walk down memory lane, reflecting on how Slack Kit, Slack's product design...

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LaDonna Witmer Willems


Permission to Speak

DisciplinesArt, Brand, Content Strategy

TopicsCommunication, Community, Creativity, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Privilege, Storytelling, Voice UI

IndustriesArts & Entertainment, Technology

Speaker LaDonna Witmer Willems

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