Josephine Giaimo

Josephine Giaimo headshot
Josephine Giaimo attended university and got a nice liberal arts degree in psychology (after studying chemistry for two years). She had always loved math, so she worked for six years in data science as an actuarial specialist for insurance companies and brokerage houses. She went back to university to get my masters degree in industrial engineering at night, partly because people were still treating her as if she was phobic of STEM subjects. Josephine performed UX research during the day at an R&D center at the university, and her thesis proposed a framework for evaluating the performance of neural networks and statistical approaches in predicting project profits. Since then, she has been spending most of her time consulting in a variety of industries, including telecom, fintech, chemical, healthcare IT, and others. As a consultant with User Experience Research, LLC, she applies principles of productivity science at the human-computer interface, and works as a user advocate. Josephine performs UX research whenever she has the opportunity. Her interests include the impact of technology on society, and emerging technologies including AI, robotics, and data science.

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