Kara Miekina

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Kara Miekina is a Senior UX Designer focused on applying emergent technologies to daily productive use. Currently a Design Lead at Microsoft, she is working on democratizing AR through the Power Platform. Regardless of the tech involved, she believes that empowered, cross-discipline teams build great products when they work outside of their silos, focus on human-centered problems and have the psychological safety to try crazy ideas. Strategy starts with a shared understanding.

Since graduating from Pratt in 2009 with a BFA in Communication Design, Kara has filled the roles of visual designer, researcher, strategist, and design thinking coach. User experience design and mentorship, specifically to women and people transitioning careers, are her deepest areas of knowledge and impact.

She loves design because she believes everyone is a designer-just from different vantage points. The magic, and even disaster, that happens when people with clashing points of view get together to tackle a problem is her economic and educational engine. Kara looks forward to a career full of learning, challenging her own assumptions and many more pivots to come.

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