Karen Reilly

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Karen Reilly is a UX Design Manager at Workday where she manages two product teams who are creating user-centered, innovative enterprise applications. Prior to joining Workday, Karen was UX Director at iterate, a design agency based in Dublin. She has a BSc in Psychology applied to IT and a MSC in Cyberpsychology. She has been designing products for over 12 years and has always put a strong focus on usability and enjoyability of products with an overarching assumption that the more we feel and think like other people, the better products we’ll design.

In her spare time, she is a comedy improviser with Not Dead Yet, a Dublin based improv group. While taking a character-building improv course in 2016, she realised how the worlds of improv and UX could merge to form a greater sense of empathy. For the past two years, Karen has been using improv techniques in workshops with stakeholders, end users and her own team. She has also run the workshop for design teams and has been travelling the world sharing her ideas at conferences and events i.e. UX in the City (Oxford), Convey UX (Seattle) and IxDA (Dublin).

Karen is also a member of the IxDA Dublin team and organises events regularly.

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