Lara Fedoroff

Lara Fedoroff headshot

Lara Fedoroff is the Director of Product Strategy at Philosophie, a design and technology firm in Santa Monica, CA. The Philosophie team is passionate about delivering maximum business outcomes through agile design, rapid prototyping, user research and software craftsmanship. 

Lara’s background includes designing and launching successful products, owning a UX consulting firm, managing multiple clients at an agency with well-known brands, developing UX teams and teaching user research courses. She designs for industries and organizations including academic, automotive, finance, gaming, healthcare, insurance, retail, and telecommunications while delivering cross-platform solutions.

Lara is the founder of UX-radio, a podcast about IA, UX, and Design and co-hosts with Chris Chandler. The purpose of the show is to educate, inspire and share resources. She is also active in the Southern California User Experience community running World IA Day in 2014 and acting as Global Executive Producer in 2015.

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