Lauren Celenza

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Listen, feel, co-create.

Lauren is currently a senior designer for Google Maps, where she focuses on shaping the map to better fit the needs of emerging cities around the world. Her work has taken her to India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa. Through her travels, she works with local communities to learn and redesign technology in ways that are more inclusive and participatory. She recently led the redesign of Google Maps navigation for motorbikes, now launched across India, Southeast Asia, and Kenya.

She believes in the power of listening and feeling the experiences of others in order to solve for the everyday frictions of inefficiency and inequality. To go beyond desk research; and co-create with our audiences, not for them. To go beyond building a prototype; to building awareness of our own bias and privilege. To go beyond working as coworkers; to working as humans, with empathy for each other. To go beyond the evolution of screens; and reconnect with our relationship to human nature, in all forms.

Through this intention, she has worked and played with product teams and students across San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Hong Kong, and Bangalore–offering stories, methods, and workshops for balancing the relationship between technology and human nature.

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